european manicure

Spokane's healthy and chemical-free alternative to traditional manicures

Your Amazing European
Manicure Experience In Spokane

A European manicure, also known as a “dry manicure” is a beauty treatment for your hands and nails. No harsh chemicals are used; which means, a European manicure is a more safe & healthy alternative. Since no cutting tools are used, there is absolutely no risk of infection. Plus, it’s completely pain-free.

Olga uses the equivalent of an electric drill finger nail pen with diamond bits that gently remove dead skin around the nail bed, making fingers and fingernails feel & look smooth and beautiful.

The manicure includes cleansing the cuticle, a filing, and reshaping. A hydrating hand cream is used for a relaxing hand massage, and nail polish is applied. If using gel polish (which can last for three weeks), the process takes approximately an hour and one half. You will feel so spoiled, and your hands will be rejuvenated and feel like velvet.