techno pedicure

the safest and most gentle pedicure available in the Northwest


The Best Pedicure Experience In The Northwest

All pedicures are not created equal. Especially since Olga is the only nail technician in the Northwest to offer a “Techno” pedicure experience, which is more of a medical procedure than a cosmetic one.

A Techno pedicure is a non-invasive, ultra-hygienic procedure that eliminates the use of soaking tubs, toxic chemicals, clippers, and cutters. Plus, it is gentle on your feet. A Techno pedicure does not injure your skin and is absolutely painless.

Olga’s pedicures not only make beautiful toes but help in smoothing and healing cracked heels,  various types of foot and/or toe fungus (in conjunction with necessary medical prescriptions from your doctor), torn or in-grown toe nails, etc. So, if you have problem feet, Olga can help!

Faces & Toes also offers Gehwol foot products so that you may pamper, treat, and protect your feet between visits. Gehwol, a German company, is an international leader in foot and nail care, develops natural, hypoallergenic products that gently cuddle your feet. Plus, Gehwol makes balms and creams, lotions and other speciality products that can solve many feet problems.